New video of Lance O'Sullivan clashing with anti-vaxxer emerges

More footage has emerged of Dr Lance O'Sullivan confronting an anti-vaccine advocate outside a screening in Kaitaia of a controversial film linking vaccines to autism.

In the clip, the 2014 New Zealander of the Year can be seen speaking to screening organiser Tricia Cheel.

The movie, Vaxxed - From Cover-up to Catastrophe, has been widely panned by medical practitioners - and Dr Lance O'Sullivan was no different, hopping up on stage to tell those gathered there that the film would "cause babies to die".

After his speech, Ms Cheel confronted Dr O'Sullivan outside the venue.

"I appreciate your conviction, I appreciate your work, I appreciate what you're trying to do throughout the community - but let's look at what I'm trying to do in the community," she said.

"I've had my sons damaged by your vaccines, I've had my life destroyed by your vaccines - and I'm not going to stand by and do nothing about it. Do you understand that?"

Dr O'Sullivan reiterated the message he delivered in the theatre.

"You should [remember], because it's the most important thing I said: you will be responsible for children dying here in Kaitaia. You will be responsible," he said.

Ms Cheel wasn't accepting that - and she angrily lashed back at him.

"You are just as much responsible! You come and see the damage your vaccines have done to these children before you start talking to me about that!" she yelled.

"You come up to the hospital and see the ravaged bodies [of unvaccinated kids]. You sleep on what you've come to Kaitaia to bring," he replied.

"I sleep peacefully," she said, "because I know I'm speaking from my heart, and I don't want to see families suffer what I've had to suffer.

"You do these damages and then you let them walk out the door and suffer. You do these damages and then you let them walk out the door because you don't want to be embarrassed by the effects that your vaccines have done.

"You don't worry about them because you don't care!"

The video concludes with a stern warning from Dr O'Sullivan - one that Ms Cheel afterward deemed "bullying".

"The people who come and see your movie that are working with vulnerable communities of my people will be publicly listed," he cautioned.

Vaxxed - From Cover-up to Catastrophe has been shown in eight locations around the country to more than 1200 people since its New Zealand premiere last month.