We try the 'healthiest pizza in New Zealand'

Hell Pizza launched the 'healthiest pizza in New Zealand' today, and in the interests of quality investigative journalism, we decided to try it out. 

As a newsroom, we have a wide spectrum of eaters, from those that live off junk food to those that won't touch refined sugar with a barge pole. So we thought we were the best set to trial the new type of slice. 

The timing couldn't have been worse, with a staff pizza party earlier that day meaning everyone's bellies were full of less than nutritious meat, dough and cheese. 

But a few hardy souls took on the challenge of trying the 'Saviour'  with a sprouted seed, gluten-free base, topped with free range chicken breast, veges, avocadoes and almonds.

The views were as mixed as the slaw on top  which sent some people running for the hills.

Watch the video to see the final verdicts.