Australian study shows 'allergy bullies' on the rise in schools

  • 15/06/2017

A new research paper has shown a disturbing correlation between having allergies and the likelihood of being subjected to bullying at school.

The study, undertaken by researchers at the University of New South Wales, also shows the harassment often involves kids' allergies being used against them.

Some schoolkids have reported that they have been deliberately touched with foods they are allergic to, while one with a nut allergy claimed to have had his sandwich spiked with peanut butter.

Other anecdotal accounts of children with nut allergies include a child who said they were put under immense pressure to eat a handful of them, while yet another was deliberately splashed with almond milk.

Researchers found that children with allergies are twice as likely to be the victims of bullying, and are more often left out or teased because of the ailment.

The study suggests some parents have become so concerned that their kids will go into anaphylactic shock that they have removed them from the public school system, and instead home schooled them.

Instances of allergy-based bullying are reportedly on the rise, with the US and UK also having launched studies into the intensity of this type of harassment.

A TV ad campaign out of the US four years ago shone a light on allergy bullies.

Newshub / Seven News