Better mental health education needed in schools - petition

An education system is an essential part of a functional society.

In school we are supposed to learn the skills and knowledge we need, things like reading and writing, maths and history.

But is this system outdated? Is the education system failing to prepare young people for what they'll actually face in life?

In a constantly changing digital environment, young people are exposed to more damaging content than they would have been a few years ago.

This needs a counterbalance - and people are realising this.

Lucy McSweeney recently delivered a petition with almost 10,000 signatures to Parliament, calling for better education around mental health.

She says that even the basic knowledge of mental health awareness is essential for students - things like how problems start, where to go and who to talk to.

This knowledge isn't only for themselves, but so they can see the signs in others.

After all, it seems logical that for a progressive country like New Zealand we try to shed the stigma that seems to linger around things that really affect people - and in some cases are life or death.