Could you do Dry July?

  • 01/07/2017

More than 2300 Kiwis have signed up online for this year's Dry July.

They will take a month off drinking alcohol, which helps promote responsible drinking, and the social fundraising initiative will raise funds for New Zealanders living with cancer. So far this year's campaign has raised $95,130.

According to the Tomorrow Project, an organisation charged with changing Kiwi attitudes to drinking, Dry July makes people stop and think about how they drink alcohol.

"Taking a month off drinking - or even thinking about doing that - could encourage us to think about why and how we drink which will likely make for more responsible drinkers long-term," says Matt Claridge, executive director of the Tomorrow Project, .

The best way to learn more about your own drinking is to find out what a standard drink is, or whether your drinking is 'normal', which you can do by going to the Cheers website, organisers say.