Critical report no 'rubber-stamping exercise' - Coleman

  • 22/06/2017

The Health Minister is being accused of sitting on a damning report that's expected to paint a grim picture of the ministry's leadership.

The ministry is already under fire for a $38 million Budget bungle that saw some DHBs have to pay back money intended for others.

Paula Rebstock wrote the performance review report for the State Services Commission and it's in draft form.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Labour's David Clark asked Health Minister Jonathan Coleman what was in it.

"The review report is in the process of being drafted... the final report is months away," Dr Coleman replied.

Under further questioning, he said he was "aware of a draft copy" but Dr Clark was wasting time asking about it because it wasn't ready.

Dr Clark later issued a statement saying the report was "less than glowing about the ministry and its financial management".

"The minister wants changes to the report as he is clearly not happy with it," he said.

Dr Coleman told The AM Show on Thursday he's skimmed through the draft report and the "results page is actually empty", and that's why it hasn't yet been released.

"It's going to have a range of criticisms. These reports always do - it's not a rubber-stamping exercise."

He played down the report's importance, saying the public won't care about the "speed of reform of the internal mechanics of the ministry" it details.

"What the public care about are the 50,000 extra operations, 150,000 extra appointments."

He also played down the Budget mistake, saying the total amount of money available to district health boards hasn't changed  just "how it's divided up".

Chief executive Chai Chuah won't lose his job over it, Dr Coleman saying Mr Chuah has been behind many of the improvements the health service has experienced over the last few years.

NZN / Newshub.