Jamie Oliver slams NZ Government's inaction on sugar tax

  • 29/06/2017

Jamie Oliver has taken aim at the New Zealand Government, calling their failure to tax sugary drinks a "bloody disgrace".

Speaking via video message to the annual FIZZ Symposium in Auckland, the celebrity chef says the Government is dismissing a move that is "logically, scientifically and economically justified".

"New Zealand, like Britain, has got some of the most obese children on the planet... It's disgusting," Oliver says.

"In New Zealand 26 percent of all sugar kids get is from sugary sweetened drinks.

"Anyone who could dispute this needs a slap."

Almost one in three Kiwi adults over the age of 15 are obese - the third highest rate in the OECD.

Oliver explains that Britain initially wasn't on board but after a long campaign, changed their minds.

"France is in, Portugal's in, Hungary's in, Ireland's in - this is the new norm, guys."

"Go and kick some arse from your Government. The fact they're not there is a bloody disgrace," he said.

The Government is not actively considering a sugar tax, but says it's monitoring the situation.