Historic case of bullying within Auckland DHB revealed

  • 17/07/2017
The Department of Critical Care Medicine was reaccredited in June.
The Department of Critical Care Medicine was reaccredited in June. Photo credit: File

The Auckland District Health Board (DHB) is once again facing heat for workplace bullying.

It's been revealed the Department of Critical Care Medicine (DCCM) at Auckland City Hospital lost its accreditation in 2014 after two reported harassments.

NZME reports nurses felt intimidated when they tried to challenge the behaviour of specialists.

The bullying reportedly included yelling, abuse and specialists teaching trainees how to "say no" to patient admission requests.

Adult medical services director Dr Barry Snow says the DHB knew there was a culture problem before they were stripped of their certification.

"We were already working to address these before the report, and have continued since. Measures have included new leadership, engagement with the wider hospital community and values-based programmes including Speak Up."

The DCCM was reaccredited in June 2016, with the Hospital Accrediation Committee stating that: "The accreditation team were very pleased to be able to report to the Committee that there had been a major change in the DCCM which has dramatically improved the training experience for potential trainees.

"This dramactically has also changed the standing of the DCCM within the broader Hospital community."

Dr Snow says when the department was reaccredited the impact of the changes made were "recognised strongly".

"Even more important is the difference it has made to those who work in and with DCCM. We are proud of the care DCCM consistently provides to many of our most vulnerable patients."