Calling all gingers: Redhead sperm in hot demand

  • 19/07/2017
The world has begun to see the light.
The world has begun to see the light. Photo credit: Getty / file

The sperm game has heated up, with an increase in demand from women wanting red-headed babies.

Australian-based Co-ParentMatch says only two percent of its sperm donors are gingers and it's not enough to keep up with demand.

It's put out the call for redheads to bust one out for the sake of those trying to conceive.

The rise of the redhead is a sharp contrast to around six years ago. Demark-based Cryos International, one of the world's largest sperm banks, closed its doors on gingers in 2011, saying there wasn't enough demand.

But now the world has begun to see the light, potentially thanks to the growing popularity of superstar Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry.

However while having a ginger parent does increase your chances of sprouting ginger spawn, it's still not a guarantee unless both parents are red.

Otherwise, as a recessive gene, a red-haired child could pop out in a family which had no other gingers to be seen.