How wearing jandals could lead to serious health problems

  • 31/07/2017
They might feel comfortable now, but problems await. Photo credit: Getty

It's hard to believe with the cold snap we've just endured, but summer is on its way - and so could shin splints, ripped tendons and lower back pain.

A podiatrist in the US has warned of the dangers of wearing jandals - a footwear so Kiwi, they get a mention in the classic McDonald's Kiwiburger jingle.

So what's wrong with wearing flip-flops? Dr Christina Long of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina says you'd almost be better off going barefoot.

"Flip-flops don't offer any arch or heel support, and you have to grip them with your toes to keep them on," she told the Daily Mail.

"Wearing them for too long or for the wrong activity can cause a lot of different problems."

They include:

  • damage to the Achilles tendon
  • blisters
  • shin splints
  • callouses
  • chafing
  • sunburn
  • insect bites.

One problem can easily lead to another, as you adjust your walking style to compensate, says Kiwi podiatrist Caron Orelowitz.

Jandals should never be worn while driving, as it's too easy for them to slip off and get in the way of your brakes, says Dr Long.

In fact, the only time they should be worn is if you're planning to take them off again in the near future.

"Flip-flops are fine for short-term use, especially if they have at least some arch support and a cushioned sole.

"They're good to wear at the beach, around swimming pools, in showers and locker rooms at the gym, on short trips to the store."

The only advantage they have over going barefoot is protection for the bottoms of your feet, she says.