Chilean paramedic caught on camera kicking pregnant nurse

  • 09/08/2017
Chilean paramedic caught on camera kicking pregnant nurse
Photo credit: CEN

A Chilean paramedic is facing prosecution after CCTV footage captured him kicking a female colleague in the stomach during an argument - all while she was pregnant.

In incriminating footage of the incident, the pair can be seen getting into a heated debate in a corridor of Valparaiso Hospital, in central Chile.

While it's not known how the duo's quarrel began, the paramedic is seen grabbing the nurse by her hairnet and speaking menacingly into her ear.

After some time threatening her it appears as though he will finally leave her alone - but after checking some doors he launches a ferocious kick to her stomach.

Eventually he was restrained by the hospital's security guards, but not before three entire minutes pass of him attacking her physically and emotionally.

A prosecutor is on the cusp criminal proceedings against the paramedic, confirming to local media that paperwork was being organised.

The paramedic has been suspended as he awaits the outcome of an inquiry.