Christchurch gym attempting 26-hour spin class

A small gym in Christchurch is attempting to break a Guinness World Record with 16 people doing a spin class for 26 hours straight.

Anytime Fitness is raising money for a local girl who needs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get to the US for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Thirteen-year-old Maddie Collins has to be on a dialysis machine for 10 hours every single day just to keep her alive, because of her rare kidney disease.

"Maddie's had both of her native kidneys out and she did have a transplant, but she rejected that because she's got something called donor specific antibodies," Maddie's mother Sarah Collins told Newshub.

"So that kidney's been removed, so now she's got no kidneys at all."

Maddie says her long-term goal is to "find a kidney and to not be on dialysis".

Her only real hope of getting a new kidney is to get to the US, but the cost is $750,000. So far they've raised nearly $300,000.

The Guinness World Record attempt will be no easy feat. It's a high energy 26-hour spin class run by engineer and spin instructor Andy Beale, who says the motivation is easy.

"I've got a couple of young kids and if one of them got sick the first people I'd turn to is the local community."

After more than 24 hours of solid cycling, it's not sore buttocks they're worried about.

"At my age, not falling asleep probably," Mr Beale said.

"Hands are starting to go  actually... hands, yeah," cyclist Trent William said. "[There is] a lot of pressure on them, you can't move them around."

"Feet are going to get people and I think come the middle of the night, we're just going to be a bit over it, that's all there is to it," cyclist Rob Davidson added

Maddie, who wishes she had such endurance, is thrilled with the support.

"It's amazing to know all of those people who move out of their way to help me," she said.

"It's nice to know there are such nice people around the world."

The world record attempt will end on Sunday at 11am.