Home fertility tests to revolutionise women's health

  • 14/08/2017
Home fertility tests to revolutionize testing
Home fertility tests to revolutionize testing Photo credit: Instagram

A new US tech start-up is gathering online hype for its efforts to revolutionise the way women test their own fertility. 

The US-based start-up, Modern Fertility, wants to lower the average price of fertility testing. At the moment, many women have to visit labs to test their fertility, which can cost thousands of dollars.

However, the initiative plans to launch home fertility kits that cost just US$150. The kits would test for the 10 types of pregnancy hormones. Women prick their fingers, send the blood spot to a lab for testing, then access their results online. 

The tests are being heralded as a game-changer, as they're aimed at women before they're trying to get pregnant. Women will be able to easily test their fertility years in advance, as opposed to finding out their fertility when they're trying for a family.

Targeting a larger market of women is how the company aims to keep its prices low. 

The firm is aiming to roll out the tests at the end of the year.