Australian mother's warning: Breast implants 'ruined my life'

  • 06/09/2017
She has a warning for others.
She has a warning for others. Photo credit: Simone McKenzie Slaven

An Australian mother has a warning for others who are considering breast implants after an eight-year ordeal following her own surgery.

Simone McKenzie Slaven says despite her surgery going well, it "ruined" her life with eight years of mystery infections, chronic headaches, loss of vision and numb limbs forcing her out of the workforce.

"I remember being curled up on the kitchen floor, crying in agony with my three children standing over me not knowing what to do. I didn't care about living because I was barely existing," she told

After several visits to the doctors and the hospital she stumbled across a Facebook group with more than 20,000 women worldwide who attributed their anti-immune issues to having implants.

"I felt like I'd found 20,000 people [including Hugh Hefner's wife Crystal Hefner] who validated my concerns."

Ms Slaven even said her mental health issues, including anxiety and panic attacks, were due to her implants.

She also experienced low-blood pressure, swelling in the hips and back, numb limbs and heart palpitations.

She says since having them removed her symptoms have nearly completely disappeared.

"When I went to the GP, I asked again: 'Is it my implants?' The answer was always no."

But she says when she had her implants removed, her surgeon agreed that because of the small incision the large implant is pushed through, contamination is common.

Ms Slaven wants women to know the implications inserting a foreign object into the body can have.