Synthetic drug users confronted in west Auckland playground

  • 01/09/2017

Yet another video has emerged exhibiting the disturbing impact synthetic drugs are having on New Zealanders.

In the most recent footage, filmed on Thursday afternoon, a woman and man can be seen writhing or totally incoherent in a children's playground in Henderson, west Auckland.

"Look at these messes. What the f**k are youse up to, man?" Dlar Murrie, the man filming, asks - to no response from the clearly very high synthetic users.

"I'm not f**king smoking synthetic weed in a children's playground, a park our kids come and play at. Youse need to f**k off - you need to wake your mate up and bounce."

After some time filming and telling the pair to leave, they finally comply - although the drugs they took are very obviously still taking effect, and they take a long time to walk away.

At one point, Mr Murrie asks the woman if her friend "is even alive", as he was unresponsive.

Police told Newshub that if Mr Murrie had concerns that the synthetic user needed medical attention, he should have called an ambulance on his behalf.

Police added they did not attend the incident in the footage and weren't even aware of it, as Mr Murrie had not reported it to them.

The use of synthetic drugs has become a hot topic in recent months, after at least seven people died from taking it in Auckland in June and July.

That prompted police to issue a desperate warning for people to stay away from the drug, as there is a possibility some of the products being sold could be laced with unknown chemicals.