Charity fundraiser aims sky-high for baby loss

The organiser of Baby Loss New Zealand has taken on a high-reaching challenge to raise money for the charity.

Baby Loss NZ is one of many groups supporting parents who've experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, and one way they do that is by providing personal mementos of the child.

Sarah Numan has lost four babies and now she helps others with the charity, but they nearly went under this year and she's determined next year will be different.

"We were looking at about 200 families we were supporting in a year in Auckland and that has dropped to around 140, so that's a big drop," Ms Numan told Newshub.

There is government funding in Australia, but the same can't be said for New Zealand.

Another organisation helping bereaved parents is Sands and it's also struggling for funding.

"There is no comprehensive bereavement service in New Zealand, so parents leave hospital and that's it - you're on your own," said chairwoman Joan Curle.

With no government support, Ms Numan has to push fundraising to the limit to help parents like Josh Garry.

He and his partner have just had their second baby two weeks ago, but thanks to Ms Numan, they have special memories of their first son, Ryker Iazac Phillip, who died previously.

"Jumping out of a plane is Sarah's worst fear and I just want people to help us face ours, which is losing a baby," Mr Garry said.

With her daughter's support, Ms Numan is facing the challenge, paying tribute to "all of the babies we've met".

"This is my biggest fear that I have just faced," she said.