Kiwi pop-up disaster tent earns international recognition

  • 17/10/2017
Kiwi pop-up disaster tent earns international recognition
Photo credit: Ministry of Health

A high-tech Kiwi tent that can be rapidly set up as a hospital in disaster zones has earned international recognition.

The New Zealand Medical Assistance Team tent hospital is designed to be set up anywhere at home or in the south west Pacific within three days of a natural disaster striking.

It comes equipped with enough supplies to treat 1400 people over two weeks and includes an observation ward, pharmacy and triage, maternity and resuscitation sections.

It has also allowed the NZMAT team to achieve a World Health Organisation Type 1 Mobile and Fixed Outpatients Emergency Medical Team classification.

The team is only the 13th in the world to achieve the classification, Ministry of Health emergency management director Charles Blanch says.

He said the team and hospital were vital to have on stand-by "because we know early treatment in disasters saves lives".

"The tent hospital is essentially a mobile outpatients clinic and means the team can offer triage, first aid, stabilisation, referral of severe trauma, non- trauma emergencies, and care for minor trauma injuries," he said.

NZMAT is a civilian-based emergency team made up of doctors, nurses, paramedics and support workers in logistics and emergency management.

It has been sent to the Solomon Islands, Philippines, Vanuatu and Fiji.