Snoring may lead to memory loss - research

  • 26/10/2017

New research presented at the Australasian Sleep Association Conference has shown that sleep apnoea and snoring can lead to memory loss over the course of a person's life.

Association president Dr Maree Barnes explained the research's findings on Three's The Project.

"If you take a bunch of people and ask them about memories from during their life, those who have sleep apnoea have great difficulty with remembering the things that occurred while they've had the sleep apnoea" 

Dr Barnes also gave some tips to avoid excessive snoring and get better night's sleep.

Her suggestions are: monitoring weight, avoiding screens, cigarettes and alcohol before bed and taking sleep seriously.

"We take diet seriously, we take exercise seriously, you know sleep is just like that as well," she said.

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.