Study reveals dying your hair could increase the risk of breast cancer

  • 16/10/2017
Cancer, Health
Love getting a new hair colour? You might want to think again. Photo credit: Getty

Women who like to dye their hair on a regular basis might want to think again following a new study that has revealed it could increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

The study found those using hair dyes faced a 14 percent increase in the likelihood of contracting cancer, according to reports.

"Although further work is required to confirm our results, our findings suggest that exposure to hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer risk," British breast cancer surgeon Professor Kefah Mokbel said.

To lower the chances of getting sick, he added women should only have their hair dyed no more than five times in a year.

"Women are advised to reduce exposure to synthetic hair dyes to two to six times per year and undergo regular breast screening from the age of 40," Prof Mokbel added on Twitter.

"It would be preferable to choose hair dyes that contain the minimum concentration of aromatic amines [a colourless substance used in hair dyes]."