Study shows placenta is not a 'super food'

  • 17/10/2017

New research has shown that while multitudes of women have been turning to placenta pills after birth, there may not be much benefit to their actions.

Celebrity mothers from across LA such as Kourtney Kardashian, January Jones and Alicia Silverstone have gushed about the use of placenta pills after pregnancy, saying they helped their bodies recover after birth.

But new research by Medical University of Vienna gynaecologist Alex Farr has thrown doubt on these claims after he found that the nutrients supposedly present in placenta were not there.

"The presumed nutrients such as iron, selenium and zinc are not present in sufficient concentrations in the placenta," Mr Farr said.

"However, high concentrations of heavy metals in the placenta were found to accumulate there during pregnancy."

Mr Farr has also warned that the consumption of placenta after pregnancy may be dangerous; citing an incident where a baby suffered blood poisoning after its breastfeeding mother took placenta capsules contaminated with streptococcus bacteria.

We managed to track down an ex placenta user right here in the Newshub office, watch the video to hear her take.