The AM Show hosts share tales of social media abuse

  • 06/10/2017

The hosts of The AM Show have swapped stories of the most offensive comments they've received over the internet.

The comments came after social media presenter Aziz Al-Saafin spoke about a new study which showed 57 percent of UK school pupils receive abusive messages on social media.

Host Duncan Garner said it's not limited to school children, and opened up on how he'd been hurt by comments he'd read about himself online.

"I see [abusive comments] even on this programme and on our Facebook page as well. Some people are really nice, and then there are some people that are complete 'word-I-cannot-insert'," he said.

"I had someone this week tell me I had tree-trunk legs - harsh but true," co-host Ingrid Hipkiss, filling in for Amanda Gillies, said.

"The other one was that I look like a 'before' picture on a botox commercial."

"I got some really nasty ones - I get lots of nasty ones - but you know the one about you?" Garner said, pointing to Hipkiss.

"Did you see what I wrote? I've taken this guy to task, and invited him for a coffee on your behalf - I'm really pissed off about it."

Al-Saafin also shared his experience, and gave an ominous warning about the implications of internet trolling for children.

"I got one earlier this week that said I look like a hobbit walking around on set," he said.

"But here we are talking about the abusive comments we get as adults - and there are times when we take it to heart - so imagine these school children who haven't been through life, and haven't experienced the kind of things we have.

"They can't handle this kind of stuff."