Australian health blogger claims 'benefits' of cancer

  • 27/11/2017
Ms Budgen says cancer is your own body trying to save you.
Ms Budgen says cancer is your own body trying to save you. Photo credit: Instagram.

A self-styled health guru has told her 9000 Instagram followers that cancer may actually be good for you. 

Olivia Budgen, from Brisbane, said that in order to "take back control" of their health, her followers had to "rethink their beliefs regarding cancer and disease". 

Ms Budgen, who is not a medical doctor, opened her post by saying: "Cancer and disease is your body trying to save you.

"We are led to believe that if our body has disease, then our immune system isn't working properly and we don't have the ability to heal ourselves. This is simply not true."

She went on to explain that the body was "always working for you" and that tumours were the body's natural defence mechanism against toxin build-up in the body. 

The post has since been removed, but the Daily Mail reports her followers responded with comments slamming her "dangerous drivel".

One user said: "You're giving false hope to cancer patients and a false sense of control to everyone else. You should be ashamed of yourself, but your abject narcissism suggests a total lack of necessary self-awareness."

A second commented: "Preying on fear and selling false hope to desperate people. You are disgusting."

A third follower said: "Congratulations that is the stupidest thing I've read in ages. You should be ashamed to spout this dangerous drivel."

Since removing the post, Ms Budgen has not made any further comments regarding her controversial position.