How disgraced Waikato DHB boss spent taxpayers' money

  • 30/11/2017
Mr Murray resigned from his position in October.
Mr Murray resigned from his position in October. Photo credit: YouTube/ University of Waikato

Disgraced former health boss Nigel Murray spent taxpayers money on a raft of unjustified expenses.

An Audit New Zealand report shows Mr Murray charged the DHB with expensive and complex travel requests "with no evidence to support the business need".

The former Waikato DHB chief executive filed a raft of travel and expense claims that breached the DHB's policies.

These included domestic trips that started or ended at the weekend, two trips to Australia within five days, and international travel while he was on sick leave.

Mr Murray had unexplained accommodation costs that were "significantly larger than the quoted rate" and had personal costs refunded by the DHB.

In one case, he booked a long-haul international flight on business class, breaching the DHB's policy to travel in economy seats.

Mr Murray took an international trip for one scheduled meeting, and the report questioned whether this could have instead been a video conference.

The Waikato DHB released part of the report on Thursday morning, and said while it would usually be confidential it would be made public due to the public interest.

Corporate services executive director Mauren Chrystall said the DHB accepts all of the findings and recommendations made in the report.

"The recommendations relate to future compliance with the Board's policies and procedures and we are working through a process to ensure staff understand the policies and process and are complying with them. We will monitor compliance on a regular basis," she said.

Mr Murray resigned from his position in October, and promised to repay $25,000 he had overspent in relocation costs.