Kiwi celebs feature in new Waitemata DHB safety video

Waitemata DHB has taken a leaf out of Air New Zealand's book, with the launch of a new safety video.

Hospital safety is crucial to help reduce falls, infections and medicine mishaps, and the DHB has come up with an out-of-this-world way to get the message through.

The in-hospital safety video stars an alien called Ghoumash, who crashes to Earth and winds up at North Shore Hospital, where a friendly nurse and doctor talk him through the standard safety procedures.

The video features some familiar faces, including 2015 Billy T Award winner Hamish Parkinson (Thor: Ragnarok, Hunt for the Wilderpeople), Charles Pierard (The World's Fastest Indian, Shortland Street), and Beulah Koale (Hawaii Five-0, Shortland Street).

It includes useful information, from washing hands to staying hydrated, keeping mobile in bed and preventing falls.

"I think taking this approach using humour which engages more is a really good idea," says Jacky Rush, quality and risk manager at Waitemata DHB. "Quite often patient safety films and leaflets are quite corporate and probably less engaging, so using this approach was a really good idea."

But behind the humorous video is a serious message. Thirteen percent of patients admitted to hospital in New Zealand will experience an adverse event; a third of them are highly preventable.

In the past year, 76 patients fell and broke their hip while in hospital, costing on average an additional $47,000 to treat each of these patients, while 3 percent of patients experienced harm related to medication.

The safety video was organised by the Well Foundation, Waitemata DHB's fundraising body, and it's no surprise where it got the idea from.

"We reached out to Air New Zealand because they're world renowned for their amazing in-flight safety videos, and that was our inspiration," says Well Foundation CEO Andrew Young, "and True just brought their genius to our patient safety video."

True Advertising Agency made the video for free.

It launches on Monday to kick off Patient Safety Week.