Dentists offer free Christmas care to our most vulnerable

A visit to the dentist isn't on the top of everyone's wish list - but for some, Christmas has come early.

Several businesses are showing their Christmas spirit by offering free dental care to those in desperate need.

Dentist Dr Jacky Lam has teamed up with Auckland City Mission to hand-pick those in a dire dental need, providing free work to our most vulnerable.

"Dentistry is probably the last thing they're able to afford and dentistry is expensive in this country," he says.

"I think that really tells the story - that's why we're here to give back."

And across town, more dental good deeds are on offer to about 70 patients at a West Auckland clinic.

It's the busiest day of the year at Dr Scott Waghorn's practice. He's sacrificing his business' bottom line to remind us to brush-up on the basics.

"One thing we see a lot of now is a lot of younger kids really getting quite soft and quite decayed teeth at such a young age, so a lot of room for improvement," he says.

Student Aroha Sammons has put up with the pain, because of the high cost.

"I went to another dentist and it was going to cost me $300 just to get the filling done, just to get the draining done. It was going to cost $590 for the whole thing."

These dentists are putting their money where their mouth is and spreading some Christmas cheer.