'Feel Good Period' donates sanitary supplies to those in need at Christmas

  • 23/12/2017
 'Feel Good Period' donates sanitary supplies to those in need at Christmas
Photo credit: Getty

A new social enterprise is aiming to lighten the load for the homeless, donating much-needed sanitary products to those in need.

Feel Good Period has dropped off their first lot of donations to the Auckland City Mission, with another planned for the week of Christmas.

The enterprise operates on a buy one, give one model where consumers buy a period pack from either its Facebook page or Trade Me and a pack of sanitary pads are donated to somebody in need.

Each pack contains tampons, pads and care items such as herbal tea, soap and chocolate. The donated items are sent to either Auckland City Mission or the Women's Refuge.

The enterprise was founded by former University of Auckland student Nikita Kapoor, who says sanitary products are an often underappreciated yet necessary item.

"I was talking to one lady and she mentioned menstruation and I was actually taken by surprise. I never thought how difficult it would be for them to reach out to other people, to strangers," she says.

"She mentioned how much of a struggle it is to have tampons or pads because it is not something that people actively donate.

"It's somewhat easy to ask random strangers for money, for food, but it is embarrassing asking a random person for sanitary products."

The project began as part of the University of Auckland entrepreneurship challenge, Velocity 100k.