The Christmas leftovers you can freeze for later, and how long for

The Christmas leftovers you can freeze for later, and how long for
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Many families will be over-indulging today, finding themselves left with a tight waistband and a full fridge of leftovers.

But don't let your food go to waste - find out which of your leftovers you can freeze, and how long for.

The turkey

The UK Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) told the Daily Mail if frozen, turkey can last up to six months. They recommend pouring a little gravy on top so it doesn't dry out when reheated.

Alternatively it can be chopped into smaller chunks to make into stews or curries.

Don't forget about the bones - these can be made into turkey stock.

The ham recommends slicing ham from the bone in small portions and wrapping tightly with cling film, before putting inside a re-sealable bag.

While freezing may affect the texture of the meat, it will still be great for pasta and pies for up to six months.

The vegetables

The GHI tells the Daily Mail carrot and parsnip will last up to four months in the freezer.

While roast potatoes won't be quite the same after being frozen, they can be used to make into hash browns.

The gravy

Gravy can be frozen in ice cube trays for up to four months and reheated for your next roast.

Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding lasts up to six months in a sealed contained. Split it into portions before freezing to make life easier when you want a piece.

The fruit mince pies

Christmas mince pies can be frozen for a few months but the base could go crumbly when thawed out.

Fruit salad

Fruit freezes well, and can be split into small portions to make smoothie bags. It will last anywhere from six months to a year.

The pav

A pavlova base can be frozen for up to one month, although Nigella Lawson's website says it is not recommended for the best taste. It's best to scoff this one down fast.