Dengue fever outbreak under control - Ministry of Health

  • 25/01/2018

New Zealand's border has been declared free of a mosquito that can spread dengue fever after surveillance was stepped up at Auckland Airport over Christmas and New Year.

Aedes aegypti, or the dengue fever mosquito, transmits a number of viruses and is common across the Pacific and in parts of Australia.

Two adult mosquito and a number of larvae were discovered at the airport in December.

However, after five weeks of habitat control and enhanced surveillance, there haven't been any detections of Aedes aegypti for three weeks, the Ministry of Health says.

"The border has now been declared exotic mosquito-free once more," the ministry said.

"This surveillance shows just how effective border health and biosecurity measures in New Zealand are and why constant vigilance is so crucial to ensuring New Zealand remains free of exotic mosquitoes."

There are frequent outbreaks of dengue fever across the Pacific Islands, and Samoa is experiencing one now.

Over the past five years, many people have returned to New Zealand having been infected while visiting countries in Asia and the Pacific.

"Fortunately dengue fever is not spread by mosquitoes in New Zealand," the ministry said.

"It is not transmitted directly between humans and therefore spread of the disease within New Zealand is not a concern."