Man loses 50kg on potato-only diet

  • 19/01/2018

An Australian man has completed a year of eating only potatoes - and says he's lighter and happier because of it.

Andrew Taylor weighed 151.7 kilograms at his heaviest but after committing to the strict one-food diet, lost a third of that.

"Pretty much everyone thinks I'm crazy and mostly they're probably right," Mr Taylor told The AM Show.

"Potatoes were a healthy choice and it worked out well for me."

After 15 years of failed dieting, a clinically depressed and anxious Mr Taylor decided he needed to go cold turkey.

"I figured if an alcoholic should quit alcohol entirely, maybe a food addict should quit food.

"You can't quit entirely so I got as close as I could by quitting everything except one food.

"My problem was I was using food to get comfort, enjoyment, emotional support... I needed to change that.

"I have this new saying: 'Make your food boring and your life interesting'.

"I didn't spend my year thinking of interesting ways to eat potatoes. I tried to find interesting ways to live my life instead."

Mr Taylor says people who think a potato-only diet is unhealthy haven't done their research.

"They're a whole, unmodified food and they do have a lot of carbs but they've also got a small amount of protein, just enough for us, and they've got a small amount of fat too.

"I've heard of people saying I'm going to get scurvy, but potatoes have a huge amount of vitamin C. I've heard from people I won't get fibre but potatoes have plenty of fibre.

"I've had no negative side effects whatsoever. I'm a happier, more outgoing person. My outlook on life is totally different."

While he's opting for a broader plant-based diet this year, Mr Taylor says he still enjoys potatoes every now and then.