Most Kiwis don't walk more than 100m a day - survey

  • 04/01/2018
Closeup of female legs hiking on a beautiful summer day.
Photo credit: File

Kiwis need to get up on their feet more after a new survey into Kiwi travelling habits showed that 81 percent of New Zealanders don't walk more than 100 metres in an average day.

To add to that, on days when people did walk, nearly half reported walking for a total of less than 20 minutes that day, according to the Ministry of Transport survey.

Walking on private property, tramping or walking trips of less than 100m which do not cross a road were not included in the statistics.

The New Zealand Household Travel Survey 2015-2017 showed that cycling was even less popular than walking, with 98 percent of Kiwis reporting that they did not cycle on an average day.

But Kiwis seemed to get on their bikes over the weekend with 63 percent cycling for half an hour or more, and well over a third (37 percent) cycling for one hour or more.

While New Zealanders aren't racking up the miles by foot or bike, they know how to accumulate air miles, with 42 percent of people aged 15 years and over flying domestically in the past year, while a further 25 percent flying in the past three months.

The survey found that running errands and going shopping are the reason behind most travel taking up 30 percent of Kiwis' time on the roads.

While only 15 percent of time was spent travelling to work and a further five per cent spent heading to study.

On average - whether it's by road, foot, or in the air - Kiwis spend nearly 1500 million hours travelling, and travel nearly 52,000m km, in over 6500 million trip legs each year.