Mike King's 'war against suicide' hits the road

  • 19/02/2018

It's hoped a road trip involving colourful bikes will make a major impact on children's mental health.

Comedian and mental health advocate Mike King will deliver three talks a day to schools and communities in a bid to get people to back their loved ones going through hardship.

Mr King says the bikes, decorated by top artists, will be hard to miss.

"Otis Frizzell, his bike is camouflaged with a big 'hope' sign on the front. I asked him about that, and he said, 'We're going to war against suicide.'"

He says there will be something to learn for everyone, not just those struggling with their mental health.

"Our message to everyone who isn't struggling is come on - our often judgemental attitude, the way we speak about people who are struggling is forcing them to stop talking."

The I Am Hope tour starts in Bluff early next month, and will visit 48 towns and 44 schools over 26 days, ending in Cape Reinga on March 30.

The full itinerary can be found on Mr King's website.