Morbidly obese beagle 'Honey' gains new lease on life after losing 20kg

  • 06/02/2018
Honey when she arrived at the SPCA and shortly before she was adopted.
Honey when she arrived at the SPCA and shortly before she was adopted. Photo credit: Facebook/ Niagara SPCA

A beagle in the US has gained a new lease on life, losing more than half her body weight after arriving at a shelter 20kg overweight.

Honey was surrendered to Niagara SPCA in New York weighing 30kg after neglect and overfeeding from her previous owner.

She was only six years into her 12-year expected lifespan, but her owners wanted her to be put down due to a perceived lack of quality of life.

According to The Daily Mail she had originally lived with an elderly owner, who due to her dementia would forget if she had fed the dog and grossly overfed her.

Instead of walking on all four legs she could only drag herself across the floor with her front two legs and was covered in her own excrement.

The shelter immediately began treating her myriad health issues and put her on a strict diet and exercise regime.

Originally Honey exercised with hydro therapy, where she would walk in a small pool half filled with water to avoid excess strain on her joints.

She took to the new lifestyle well, losing 2kg in the first week and going on to drop 20kg to reach a healthy weight range.

She's now moved into a new home permanently with the woman that had originally taken her on as a foster dog.