Woman with 14 worms in her eye talks to The Project

  • 15/02/2018

A woman who pulled 14 worms out of her eye has told The Project about her gruesome experience.

US student Abby Beckley, 28, began experiencing eye irritation and migraines in 2016.

"It felt like there was an eyelash in there that I could not see or get out."

It was only when she pulled an entire worm out of her eye that she realised something was horribly wrong.

"I was so shocked and in disbelief, like, 'Was that just a worm?'"

She removed four more worms from her eye before she went to the hospital, where a total of 14 worms were pulled out over the course of several weeks.

It's an incredibly rare medical event, as the parasitic worms typically live on the surfaces of cows' eyes.

The parasites are relatively harmless, as they don't have the ability to reproduce or to wiggle into the brain from the eyeball. 

"The only thing that could happen in severe cases is they could scratch your eyeball so bad you could be blind from that," she says. 

"Luckily that didn't happen to me."

In the words of squeamish host Kanoa Lloyd, it might be a while before many of us eat spaghetti again. 

Watch the full interview on The Project above.