California judge rules coffee needs to carry a cancer warning

  • 30/03/2018

A judge in California has ruled coffee products there must carry a cancer warning.

The ruling came after a research group found a chemical by-product of the roasting process is toxic and carcinogenic, CBS News reports.

Starbucks and other coffee retailers will now need to put a label on their brews clearly stating the beverage can cause cancer.

The chemical is called acrylamide and it's one of the major reasons your coffee turns brown.

According to the judge Starbucks and other coffee retailers failed to prove that acrylamide was an insignificant threat.

But despite the legal warnings scientists aren't quite sure about acrylamide yet, saying more study is needed to prove if the link exists.

"I believe in transparency but at the same time when you put a bold declaration x may cause cancer when there isn't data to that effect in humans to me it causes panic rather than informed knowledge," said CBS contributor Dr David Agus.

On the other side of the coin coffee has been proven to have some health benefits including lowering the risk of diabetes and liver disease.

It's even been suggested it can lead to a longer lifespan.