'I've got so close to giving up': Medicinal cannabis the last hope for eczema sufferer

  • 15/03/2018

Danny Battershill says the pain from his eczema nearly drove him to suicide, and the only thing that has worked so far to stop it is cannabidiol (CBD), a medicinal cannabis product.

Morphine and steroids don't work for him, and he spent eight of the past 12 months in hospital - but he says without CBD, he was seriously considering suicide.

"I've gotten so close to just wanting to give up because it's so hard when you are in such agonising, physical pain," he told Three's The Project.

"I'm not even afraid to admit it anymore."

It is legal for a doctor to prescribe CBD to patients, but Danny can't find anyone willing to prescribe it to him.

He's still managed to access some though, which means he's technically committed a crime.

When host Kanoa Lloyd asked him if he was admitting to committing a crime on national television he wasn't quite ready to admit it.

"I'm not admitting to anything," he said.

"I'm saying I've done what's right to look after my very own wellbeing and to keep myself alive. That's my human right."

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