The Easter treat that's lethal for dogs

  • 27/03/2018
Many dogs have bad reactions to grapes and raisins.
Many dogs have bad reactions to grapes and raisins. Photo credit: Getty

Most people know that dogs shouldn't have chocolate - but there's another sweet treat that should be kept away from pets this Easter.

Hot cross buns pose a serious danger to dogs because of one key ingredient: raisins.

Dr Emily Cook from Brisbane's Animal Referral Hospital told Yahoo7 that while some dogs don't seem to have a problem with the dried fruit, others can experience acute kidney problems.

"The raisins are the problem and we're not sure exactly why," she said.

"Being Easter, more products are on the market at the moment and people like to just toss their dog a bit of raisin toast or a hot cross bun at breakfast, but even one raisin could be lethal."

Dr Cook said she has treated a number of dogs with raisin-related illnesses.

Recently a dog named Ellie was rushed to the hospital after eating a whole loaf of raisin bread. In a Facebook post, the hospital wrote that they induced vomiting and placed her on a drip for 24 hours.

While Ellie was fine, the hospital had a message for other dog owners.

"As tasty as they look it's best that your furry mate keeps clear of hot cross buns this Easter!"