UK woman told she's just 'unlucky' after losing 22 babies

  • 18/03/2018
Kerry Hutchinson, pictured with her partner, has lost 22 babies.
Kerry Hutchinson, pictured with her partner, has lost 22 babies. Photo credit: Facebook/Kerry Hutchinson

A UK woman who lost 22 babies was told by doctors she is simply unlucky.

Kerry Hutchinson from Staffordshire, England, knew she wanted to be a mother her entire life.

Tragically, the 35-year-old has suffered 16 miscarriages and has held funerals for five children who were either stillborn or died shortly after birth.

Ms Hutchinson told the Birmingham Mail she has received no clear answers as to why she has been unable to carry a healthy child to term.

A doctor's report said she was perfectly healthy and should be able to have a successful pregnancy. "I note you have been unlucky," it read, to her infuriation.

After giving birth to daughter Paige, who lived for just 12 hours, Ms Hutchinson was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Treatment seemed to have no effect, so doctors were forced to remove most of her cervix.

She was told she could keep trying to conceive, but warned that any babies would be born prematurely as her reduced cervix would begin dilating earlier than normal.

She suffered multiple miscarriages, with most of the babies dying early on in the pregnancy.

After trying fertility treatment, she fell pregnant with her son Lucas who was born at just 22 weeks and died after a few minutes.

"He took a few breaths and then he passed away," she told the Birmingham Mail.

"It broke my heart. I was devastated... I didn't expect to bury a third child."

After burying Lucas, Ms Hutchinson became the sixteenth person in England to receive a trans-abdominal stitch, which is intended to help prevent miscarriage.

She fell pregnant again in 2018, but learned in March that the baby's heart had stopped beating. She and her fiancé are now preparing to say goodbye to another child, which will be Ms Hutchinson's 22nd.

She told the Birmingham Mail she's desperate to know why none of her pregnancies have resulted in a healthy child.

"I need answers to why all my babies have died," she said.

Shortly after her last miscarriage, Ms Hutchinson set up a Facebook page called 'Kerry's Dream' to raise awareness, as well as a JustGiving page to fundraise for the couple to see specialists and potentially undergo IVF treatment.

Despite her hardships, she's not giving up on her dream of becoming a mother.

"I will be a mum on this Earth, one way or another."