A single yoghurt maxes out child's daily sugar limits

  • 26/04/2018
A single yoghurt maxes out child's daily sugar limits
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A single yoghurt can blow the recommended daily sugar limit for a child, United Kingdom health officials are warning.

One pottle of yoghurt, depending on the brand and type, can contain as much as 19 grams of sugar - which is the recommended daily limit for children in both the UK and New Zealand.

Public Health Liverpool officials have kicked off a media campaign to raise awareness about yoghurts, which are often perceived as healthy before people take a closer look at the nutritional label.

"Parents are bombarded by marketing messages that yoghurts are healthy. Some are, but many are loaded with sugar and families simply don't realise how much is in them," Councillor Tim Beaumont, mayoral lead for wellbeing, told The Telegraph.

"Combined with other sugary snacks, drinks and chocolate bars, yoghurts are contributing to an alarming level of tooth decay and obesity in children."

The Health Navigator charitable trust recommends that people in New Zealand avoid flavoured or fruit yoghurts, which are often high in sugar, and to choose natural, plain, unsweetened yoghurt instead.

You can also flavour plain yoghurt yourself by adding fruit like berries.