Mike King tells kids he used to be a bully because adults need to be honest

  • 03/04/2018

Mike King has admitted he used to be a bully as part of his quest to get kids to be more open about their mental health issues.

Speaking to Three's The Project following his I am Hope tour King said he was trying to get society to be more open about mental health before it reaches a crisis point.

As part of that, he wants adults to admit their vulnerabilities and is sharing his own stories from his past to show kids that adults aren't always perfect.

"If you don't open yourself up and show vulnerability for our children then they don't believe your message - you're just another perfect adult," he said.

"Here's the problem that we've got, we've got all these perfect adults who are telling kids what to do and they're not showing kids what to do, they're not showing any vulnerability at all."

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.