Paula Bennett reveals why she needed a gastric bypass

  • 23/04/2018

Paula Bennett has revealed she's lost 30kg since getting weight loss surgery that helped her cut back on unhealthy eating habits.

The National deputy leader underwent a gastric bypass ahead of last year's election, after years of mulling over it.

"I've lost nearly 30kg," she told The AM Show on Monday. "That's a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time."

A gastric bypass shrinks the size of the stomach, making patients feel full quicker so they eat less. The surgery is publicly funded for eligible patients, but Ms Bennett paid for hers out of her own pocket at a private clinic.

"I'm feeling great - it's not so much about the [exact numbers] - I don't even hop on the scales these days. I feel like I can move more."

Paula on election night in September, and now, seven months later.
Paula on election night in September, and now, seven months later. Photo credit: The AM Show/Newshub.

Ms Bennett says along with the surgery, eating better also helped her shed the pounds.

"I worked so damned hard - if I wanted to eat a burger and fries, I'm going to eat a burger and fries. When you're doing it every day it just isn't good for you. Your body's not good, your skin doesn't look as great, that whole sort of lifestyle.

"But it was my own choices, and I've now just made other ones."

Soon she'll be looking to get a new wardrobe - but not just yet.

"I do keep throwing clothes out and not buying many, I've got to say, because they say don't do that until you get to your target weight."