Woman with cerebral palsy climbs Mt Maunganui for 40th birthday

Stacey Roche celebrated her 40th birthday with an impressive achievement - climbing Mt Maunganui.

For many people with cerebral palsy, doing the basics in life can be challenging.

Ms Roche has spent most of her life using a wheelchair, but with an important birthday looming she decided to start training with a lofty goal in mind.

"Everyone else goes up the Mount," she told Newshub. "Why shouldn't I?"

Cerebral palsy affects her body movement and muscle co-ordination.

"I really struggle with a lot of energy - it's always very tough."

She's been training at SwitchedOn gym six days a week and gaining more strength for her attempt at tackling Mauao.

It's not quite Everest, but it's not a walk in the park either, as National leader Simon Bridges knows all too well.

"It's a serious sweat, it's quite steep in parts, so my absolute hats off to Stacey for what she's doing," he told Newshub.

Ms Roche's supporters set her a goal of two hours and, with her trainers by her side, she was off.

It was a long day full of stunning views. Her parents were waiting at the top, who "thought we'd be waiting a hell of a lot longer".

Her mother wasn't surprised at her daughter's speedy ascent.

"She's so stubborn, a bit like her father."

Ms Roche was thrilled to have "knocked the bastard off", celebrating with champagne when she reached the summit.

She wants to prove that exercise is good for everyone - whether you've got a disability or not.