104yo Aussie euthanasia advocate bids family farewell before ending life

  • 03/05/2018

Australia's oldest working scientist has said goodbye to his family for the last time.

David Goodall is leaving his home of Western Australia to fly to Switzerland to end his life.

At the airport, wearing a jumper embroidered with the phrase 'Ageing Disgracefully', the 104-year-old told Channel 7 that he'll be "glad" when he gets on the plane.

"The last year has been less satisfactory for me because I couldn't do things," he explained.

Professor Goodall, who worked at Edith Cowan University in Perth, believes it's time for him to go despite not having a terminal illness.

He can no longer walk, see, taste or smell, and has attempted suicide in the past.

He can't legally end his life in Western Australia, but he can in Switzerland. Euthanasia advocacy group Exit International raised more than AU$17,000 (NZ$18,224) to be able to make the last trip of his life.

"I have been supporting voluntary euthanasia for many years," he says.

He resents the fact that he couldn't die at home with his family, but that might change one day.

A committee tasked with investigating end of life choices in Western Australia will report back next month, and legislation could follow.

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