Georgia doctor who filmed rap videos during surgery faces several malpractice suits

  • 25/05/2018

A US doctor who danced in front of her patients as she operated on them is facing at least seven malpractice suits.

Dr Windell Boutte advertises herself as board certified in surgery and dermatology, but local paper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) has found she's not qualified for plastic or general surgery. 

Lawyer Susan Witt is handling four of the cases herself, and says Dr Boutte is more focused on money than treating her patients properly.

"Dr Boutte and her staff are more concerned about increasing profits versus a focus on patient safety, which should be of foremost concern," she told the AJC.

The accusations against Dr Boutte include that she used a "nurse manager" that was not a nurse at all and that her surgical assistant had studied in Peru and was not qualified to practice in the United States.

One surgery Dr Boutte performed allegedly went so badly the patient now has severe brain damage, although the doctor says the patient's adverse reaction was not her fault.

The brain damage occurred when 54-year-old Icilma Cornelius underwent liposuction in preparation for her wedding day.

Ms Cornelius went into cardiac arrest on the table and Dr Boutte's office was not equipped to handle an emergency so paramedics were called.

When they got there the trip to hospital was delayed due to poor building design and Dr Boutte needing to close her incision.

Once she arrived at hospital it became clear Ms Cornelius had suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and she now requires constant care.

Dr Boutte settled out of court with the family, but the amount is confidential. The AJC asked her for comment but she declined to be interviewed.