US doctor under fire for selling homeopathic sound files for Ebola

US doctor under fire for selling homeopathic sound files for Ebola
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A Californian doctor is under fire for selling homeopathic sound files over the internet that he claims can cure life-threatening infections.

Dr William Edwin Gray III has been accused of gross negligence by the Medical Board of California, which is calling for a hearing on whether his practicing licence should be revoked.

Dr Gray sells sound files on his website called "e-Remedies" and he claims they produce "energetic signals" that can treat diseases such as Ebola, SARS, and swine flu when a customer listens to them.

Dr Gray's CV on his website includes the outrageous claim that he "created a campaign to treat Ebola via cellphone, curing three out of three within four hours simply by playing the appropriate eRemedy several times an hour".

A complaint filed by the Medical Board of California says Dr Gray has no evidence to suggest his recordings are effective, had not filed his products with the Food and Drug Administration, and has not consulted patients who have serious medical conditions and was therefore putting them at risk.

Dr Gray told the Los Angeles Times he will not be contesting the board's allegations because he can't afford to, and he admitted: "I think we'd lose anyway."

He did not seem to be concerned about losing his medical licence, and, as homeopathy does not require a medical licence, he'd still be able to operate his website.


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