We're all going to the toilet wrong - but this NZ invention claims to fix that

  • 10/05/2018

Half of all middle-aged men in the Western world will suffer from haemorrhoids at some point, but the affliction is almost unheard of in many other countries.

The reason? We're pooing wrong.

Sit-down toilets, which were invented about 160 years ago, were raised to accommodate the S-bend and prevent the smell of sewage from coming back up the pipes.

But it's not a natural position for our bodies to evacuate waste.

This problem could be solved by the Lillipad, a small platform that can be placed around the base of the toilet for people to put their feet up while doing their business.

Founder Rob Wait says he was inspired to create the defecation aid after his travels in Asia.

"When I got back to Australia, I didn't want to start sitting down again - so I just kept squatting on the toilet," he explained.

He told The Project why sit-down toilets are problematic for our digestive system. 

"It's not an ergonomic position. Infants squat, so all their internal pipes are aligned and they can evacuate themselves correctly and efficiently," he explained.

"When you're sitting, you've put a kink in your internal pipes. When you're squatting it takes the kink out and makes everything easier."

The Lillipad claims to make the whole experience smoother, quicker and helps to prevent constipation.

The steps are layered "like training wheels" - people can start off with their feet closer to the ground and ease into a full squat over time.

Guest host Alison Mau thinks the Lillipad is a great idea, but isn't sure she'd want other people to see one in her bathroom.

Some people are eligible to have the purchase partially covered by ACC.

Watch the full segment on The Project.