Celebrity trainer reveals his number one weight loss mistake

Woman eating a burger
Peterson says the biggest mistake people make is dramatically cutting their calories too quickly. Photo credit: Getty

We’ve all tried drastic methods of shifting kilos quickly, especially before a big event.

But a US trainer who worked with Jennifer Lopez and became famous for his role in Khloe Kardashian’s body transformation has revealed the number one mistake most people make when they begin losing weight.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson told Popsugar his biggest gripe was when enthusiastic new dieters "eat too little too soon". 

"They don't pare down their calories, so they make drastic drops. And then, of course, your body's going to respond to that, but then it'll level off, and then frustration sets in."

"Your body will adapt. It's going to adapt to whatever you give it, and if you do it too quickly, it'll adapt and then it'll shut you out," Peterson added. That's why he doesn't recommend jumping on a diet trend too quickly.

Peterson recommends more sustainable ways to shift stubborn kilograms, rather than simply shocking your body.

"Maybe it's about eating better, eating at different times, combining your macros [protein, fat, and carbs] differently," he explained. "All those things play into it, and they're better served eating regular food than just diet food.

"The more gradual changes you make in your diet, the more likely you are to see positive changes."