Husband's hilarious 'highlighter' gift for new wife

Sharpie highlighters instead of real highliters
Charlema Webb's post about her husband's mistake has taken the internet by storm. Photo credit: Facebook/ Charlema Webb

While the traditional gift for a year of marriage is paper, five is silverware and 10 is diamonds, I guess now it will be known that one month is 'highlighter'.

A US man was just trying to buy his new wife a thoughtful gift, but his hilarious mistake has caused a post about it to go viral.

Charlema Webb posted on Facebook last week that her husband Vincent asked her what gift she would like to mark 30 days of happy matrimony. She asked him for a highlighter and brush, saying she "preferred Fenty but was open to anything that popped".

With Fenty being Rihanna's newly successful line of makeup, this was a request we can all relate to.

Unfortunately, Vincent couldn't find exactly what she wanted. Charlema posted that her confused husband told her; "Stink after going to a few drug stores I couldn't find no Fenty but I got you sharpie because they are the best highlighters and they been around for a cool minute".

She included a picture of the highlighters and brush her husband gifted her, not quite the kind Charlema was expecting.

Luckily she saw the funny side, writing "Thank you for my present baby...I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life!"

Many saw the funny side, with Rihanna's official Fenty Facebook page sharing the post themselves, and writing; "wait... he tried it though! A+ for effort!!". They also offered to hook Charlema up "with the real deal".

Husband's hilarious 'highlighter' gift for new wife

The post has been shared almost 40,000 times, with over 100,000 likes on Facebook. If the comments are anything to go by, it seems this is a mix-up many could see their partner making as well.


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