Wedding couple labelled 'stingy' for providing buffet afternoon tea and no dinner

A broke wedding cake.
A broke wedding cake. Photo credit: Getty

A soon to be married couple have been labelled "stingy" after guests found out the dining arrangements for the reception.

Posting on the popular UK forum Mumsnet a woman explained she had been invited to a large wedding in July, with more than 70 guests expected to join the evening reception.

But despite the large number of guests only a "wedding breakfast", which is actually an afternoon tea, of a buffet of sandwiches and scones will be served.

"[Am I being unreasonable] to think this is a weird arrangement and guests will be starving?" the woman wrote.

Commenters largely agreed with her, saying guests would need to bring their own food to avoid spending the entire reception hungry.

"Sounds really stingy to me, if you go I suggest you take emergency rations so you don't starve. It's ridiculous to expect people to survive all day and evening on a scone and bit of cake," one person said.

"[You are not being unreasonable], you need some food in the evening, especially if people have been on the booze all day," another wrote.

Many suggested buying a cheap gift and leaving mid-way through the festivities to go eat and the woman responded guests were being encouraged to do so if they felt they needed to.

"Leave for an hour or so to get something to eat, I would," one person said.

"There is a pub next door and the couple have said that if people are hungry they can go there for a pub meal," the woman replied.

"We may well do that."


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