All the baby gifts Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford have been given so far

Every new parent appreciates a little help gathering together the necessities for clothing and maintaining an LO (that's a 'little one' on the parenting forums, FYI).

Unfortunately, baby gifts are often purchased by well-meaning humans who enjoy buying cutesy things, and this can send necessity and practicality flying out the window.

For FTM Ms Ardern (that's first-time mum) and SAHD Clarke Garyford (are you catching on yet?), a drawer full of onesies is a good place to start. Shout out to Mark Richardson and Theresa May for getting that memo. 

Note to gift givers: no parents or newborn needs a shelf of 37 teddy bears, so get a grip in the gift aisle. Put the fuzzy bear down.

The best gift I was given was a bottle of argan oil, which allowed me to quit conditioning my hair and save a desperately needed four minutes every day. Note to Ms Ardern: I never looked back and have saved 97 hours of my life thus far.

The worst gift I got was the 37th teddy bear.

If you're looking to buy for Jacinda, I'm confident a bottle of single malt wouldn't go astray. Once that baby can STTN [did you get that one?], and unless she's planning to EBF, Ms Ardern is going to have earned a few drams of that peaty Islay we know she loves

And Prime Minister, you can consider these acronyms our gift to you. HTH! GL!

The faux sheepskin

Never miss an opportunity to push your agenda. Animal rights fanatics PETA (jk, it's a great charity) gifted the Prime Minister a fake sheepskin, which honestly looks much nicer than a real one.

Peta's faux sheepskin gift - looks pretty cozy to us.
Peta's faux sheepskin gift - looks pretty cozy to us. Photo credit: Image - Peta

The middle name

Ratana offered Ms Ardern the gift of a middle name for her child - Te Waru o Noema. It means November 8, the day Tahupotiki Wiremu is said to have received a holy command to establish the church.

Another pair of gumboots

As Mr Gayford revealed in a tweet, the couple has tiny sweet gumboots coming out of their ears. Don't buy them any more gumboots.

Hillary Clinton's Buzzy Bee

Classic. Bet a tonne of these were returned to the gift shops after Ms Clinton presented this Kiwi icon to the iconic Kiwi when they met back in May.

The Mark Richardson onesie

What a cad. His personalised onesie delighted the nation.

Personalised onesies: Not totally unacceptable
Personalised onesies: Not totally unacceptable Photo credit: Newshub.

The crib

This one is lovely. Good job Kai-A-Te-Mata Marae in Morrinsville, which welcomed Ms Ardern home to Morrinsville with a wahakura (baby crib) they named Tau te Rangimarie.

"Tau te Rangimarie means may there be peace and we hope that this wahakura brings you, your baby and your family peace."

Another onesie from Theresa May

You really can't get enough, but Theresa May's No. 10 onesie came in early - she gifted the stamped outfit back in April at when Ms Ardern was visiting the UK.