Calls for pet-friendly offices increase in volume, but they do present challenges

  • 23/06/2018

Calls for pets to be allowed in offices are growing, but they do present challenges to non-pet owning workers.

CBS News reports a new survey in the United States has shown that 44 percent of employees would consider changing jobs to a pet friendly workplace.

US tech company Fueled allows pets in the office all-day, every day, and co-founder Ryan Matzner says it's been awesome, but admitted to minor issues.

"I think once in a while it's like this dog is barking at some other dog or growling at the UPS delivery guy," he said.

The ASPCA agreed, saying while research shows dogs in the office can lower stress levels in workers and increase productivity, not everyone would love a canine co-worker.

"Maybe your co-worker might be scared of dogs or really allergic," said ASPCA spokesperson Rena Lafaille.

"Something else to consider - dogs do like to get into wires and chew on wires."

But for dog owners who bring their pets into the office, it provides a huge amount of freedom.

Fueled employee Rachel Jones told CBS News it's part of the reason she's still there.

"I mean, maybe that like speaks to me being like more of like a crazy dog person. But, it's just such a - it just does so much for me, it gives me so much flexibility."